Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Current Look at Consigning Women

I first posted a review of Consigning Women in East Harwich back in May of 2008 (Are You a Consigning Woman?).  My review wasn't overly favorable as I felt their prices were too high for a consignment store.  However, my readers felt otherwise and shared their thoughts and finds with me. This led me to post a secondary review of Consigning Women the following month (Consigning Women Part Deux) in which I praised the store for having great quality seasonal apparel from some of my favorite brands.
Well a lot has changed for Consigning Women since 2008.  For  starters, the store moved from their old space on 1 Auston Road (next to Subway) to the other side of the plaza (next to Dunkin Donuts).  Their new location boasts 7,000 square feet of clothing and home decor.  When you walk into the store, the home furnishings are on the right and the clothing is to the left.  Clothes are sorted by type, with blazers, skirts and sweaters on circle racks in the front of the store and long racks in the back with shirts, pants, dresses and suits.  Within each type of garment, clothes are sorted by size and then color.  Purses can be found along the perimeter and shoes are in the back.  They also have an extensive array of accessories, including jewelry and scarves.
Consigning Women also opened a second store on Route 6A in Brewster within the past year or so, but I have not yet visited this location.  If any of my readers have been here, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section for this post!
I have been shopping at the Consigning Women in Harwich periodically for the past five years.  The main driving factor for me is their large selection of work apparel.  I am in one of the few professions here on the Cape that requires me to wear a suit most days. Fun fact: try walking into Stop & Shop in Orleans during 4th of July week wearing a suit, nylons and heels and you will get many a raised eyebrow.  Oh yes.  Anyway, it can be very difficult to purchase affordable business attire on the Cape.   I used to shop in the suit section of Macy's at the Cape Cod Mall, mostly because I have a Macy's card and could secure some decent deals during sales.  Unfortunately, their suit selection has dwindled so much over the past few years to the point that when I last visited, I had to ask a sales associate where the suits were because the section had disappeared.  It's been relegated to 3 racks near the down escalator.  So finding clothes for work is a problem.
Now one of the fun things about shopping at thrift or consignment stores, in my opinion, is that you never know what you'll find.  You can't go with the expectation that you'll find say, an Ann Taylor black pencil skirt in size 6, because you may never find it.  I have found that Consigning Women, however, continually offers a great selection of business attire in my size that's in style and in great condition.  I've shared some of my finds with you from over the years at the bottom of this post.  Now bear in mind that I usually provide prices, and I will if I remember, but some of these pieces I've had for awhile.  My rule of thumb, though, is to never spend more than $20 on one article, unless it's a more expensive item such as a suit.
Two more things I'd like to mention quickly.  They still offer "Comeback Bucks," which are $0.50 coupons for every $10 you spend.   It's also fairly easy to consign with them.  They will accept new consignments Monday through Saturday from 9-4 at both locations.  If you visit their website, they offer more information on what they accept (Consigning Women - How to Consign).  I have consigned with them in the past and I will note that they are VERY selective about what they choose.  The consignments must be in like new condition with no odors (think moth balls or cedar closets), in style and in season.  If you visit, you'll see some unfavorable reviews about the consigning process.  I think they set strict guidelines because as a shopper, you come to expect high quality, and customers would complain if clothing didn't meet their standards.   So I encourage you to visit both of their stores and to share your experiences with me.
Happy Thrifting!!

Dress, Maggie London, $20

2-piece grey suit, Calvin Klein, $45

Pink argyle sweater, Talbot's, $18
Brown pencil skirt, Ann Taylor, $15

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