Sunday, December 13, 2009

Our Lady of the Cape Thrift Shop

I haven't been to Our Lady of the Cape Thrift Shop in years and I was pleasantly surprised when I visited yesterday.  I was doing some quasi-Christmas shopping and decided to stop in to see what they had to offer.  They were advertising a Christmas Boutique, which runs through December 23rd, and I was curious as to what that entailed.  They had a plethora of Christmas decorations (as does every other thrift shop on Cape Cod), but they also had a table with brand new, gift-worthy garments on it.  One that caught my eye was a beautiful orange cardigan twinset by French Laundry.  Unfortunately it was a size Large and I couldn't think of anyone I could buy it for.  I continued on, perusing the racks for clothes that I could give as gifts.  I didn't find anything, but I was impressed with all the top name brands (GAP, H&M, XoXo).  Everything was in great, gently worn condition and the prices were very reasonable, as a savvy reader previously mentioned to me (prior post).

So I was unable to find any gifts, but I didn't walk out of the store empty handed.  I was browsing other thrift-related blogs the other day, and I came across Things I Found at the Thrift Store.  The most recent post mentioned that the author was able to score some cash buying ugly Christmas sweaters at thrift stores and then reselling them on ebay.  And lo and behold, he was right.  There is a huge market for them right now, and some sell for upwards of $60.  Apparently, some people have contests at their holiday parties for who can wear the tackiest garb, and most find their ensembles on ebay.  Anyway, I found this atrocious sweater and put it on, seeing how it would do.

So far, no luck.  But it only cost me $4, so I might hang onto it and try to sell it next year.


Anonymous said...

Someone actually bought my sweater! It didn't sell for $60, but I was able to double my money!

Diane said...

Good for you! Excellent find! That is truly one ugly sweater. Soon as the snow melts a little I'll be out looking for one such gem myself!

Anonymous said...

Glad you finally made it to one of my favorite Thrift Shop. It has great selection and prices.
I wish I had found that sweater - I could wear it tonight to my Christmas party!!!

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