Sunday, December 13, 2009

Our Lady of the Cape Thrift Shop

I haven't been to Our Lady of the Cape Thrift Shop in years and I was pleasantly surprised when I visited yesterday.  I was doing some quasi-Christmas shopping and decided to stop in to see what they had to offer.  They were advertising a Christmas Boutique, which runs through December 23rd, and I was curious as to what that entailed.  They had a plethora of Christmas decorations (as does every other thrift shop on Cape Cod), but they also had a table with brand new, gift-worthy garments on it.  One that caught my eye was a beautiful orange cardigan twinset by French Laundry.  Unfortunately it was a size Large and I couldn't think of anyone I could buy it for.  I continued on, perusing the racks for clothes that I could give as gifts.  I didn't find anything, but I was impressed with all the top name brands (GAP, H&M, XoXo).  Everything was in great, gently worn condition and the prices were very reasonable, as a savvy reader previously mentioned to me (prior post).

So I was unable to find any gifts, but I didn't walk out of the store empty handed.  I was browsing other thrift-related blogs the other day, and I came across Things I Found at the Thrift Store.  The most recent post mentioned that the author was able to score some cash buying ugly Christmas sweaters at thrift stores and then reselling them on ebay.  And lo and behold, he was right.  There is a huge market for them right now, and some sell for upwards of $60.  Apparently, some people have contests at their holiday parties for who can wear the tackiest garb, and most find their ensembles on ebay.  Anyway, I found this atrocious sweater and put it on, seeing how it would do.

So far, no luck.  But it only cost me $4, so I might hang onto it and try to sell it next year.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Orleans Community Exchange *SALE*

The Orleans Community Exchange Thrift Shop, located in Post Office Square, is having a 50% off sale today through Friday.  They are trying to reduce inventory as they will be closing on Saturday and reopening February 9th.  Hurry in for the best selection; I've always found great clothes here.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A New Addition to Saint Joan of Arc Thrift Shop

Let me start off by saying that I am a big fat liar. Just a few days ago I was telling you how I wouldn't be thrift shopping for a few more months. Well I guess just writing about shopping inspired me to go, because I felt the familiar gravitational pull attracting my car towards Saint Joan of Arc Thrift Shop today.

So, surprise of surprises, SJATS has added a boutique shop to their thrift store! And even better, they have really nice clothes in there! My jaw nearly dropped when the woman said it's been open since June...has it really been so long since I've visited? It's not a big space, but it's laid out well without being claustrophobic. I found a sexy wrap dress by Lily for $12 and a velvety crimson skirt by Silx (a division of the August Silk brand) for $6.

The Lily dress was brand new with tags and, with a little research on the internet, I discovered that the brand is sold at Nordstrom's. Not too shabby. And for those like myself who wander the earth without cash in hand, this little boutique will take a local check.

I then ventured next door to the thrift store, which has always been one of my favorites. They still had a great collection of clothes, which was reassuring to this savvy shopper. It would have been unfortunate if they jacked up the prices of all their clothes and stuck them in the boutique, leaving the thrift store with less than adequate fare. I bought a shirt and a necklace (gifts, which is why I am omitting the pictures) for $3 a piece and was also able to snag some holiday decorations:

The Christmas ornaments were all $0.50 each, which is a great deal. We brought up the Christmas decorations the other day to discover that they wreaked of mildew (due to a leaky basement at our previous dwelling). Needless to say, most of our ornaments went in the trash. I was especially ecstatic to find the mouse ornament because my mom has the exact same ornament and I always loved hanging it on the tree growing up.

The reindeer plates were another super find at $1/plate. I recognized them right away because they were in the 2009 Crate & Barrel holiday catalogue, and I remember ogling them. I found out from the woman who rang up my purchases that she had received them as a gift and, not knowing what to do with them, had brought them in that morning. Score!

And...the new 2009-2010 'Touring the Thrift Shops of Cape Cod' brochure is out; pick one up today!!