Friday, September 4, 2009

Repeat After Me, Orleans

This is a great little boutique consignment store for any mom, expecting or otherwise.  There is a great selection of maternity wear, divided on two racks into tops and bottoms for easy browsing.  All of the clothes are in great, gently used condition and the prices are extremely reasonable (about $10 per item on average).  On my first visit, I bought a pair of Old Navy jeans for $10, an Old Navy floral print dress for $10 and an Old Navy short sleeve knit shirt for $7.50.  The owner does take debit/credit cards, so don't worry if you show up sans cash.  

On another visit, I bought a pair of Motherhood Maternity grey pin stripe dress slacks for $10.50, a Gap Maternity three quarter length knit shirt for $10, a Motherhood Maternity white cardigan for $10 and a gorgeous Babystyle blue plaid winter jacket for $35 (similar coats on ebay selling for $40-$45).             


The owner says she gets new items in weekly and she is more than happy to contact you if something comes in that you've been looking for.  That is a great service! 

In addition to the maternity wear, the two long walls of the store are lined with racks of baby and toddler clothes.  As with the maternity clothes, these clothes are also in great condition and reasonably priced.

The front of the store has a variety of toys and equipment (both new and used) for babies and toddlers.  The owner also had several nice strollers on display outside when I visited.

If you have children or are expecting them and live near Orleans, I highly recommend this store for all your shopping needs!