Sunday, August 9, 2009

More Yard Sales Bargains

My tips for finding nice things at yard sales are as follows:

  1. Try to shop only at well kept homes in nice neighborhoods.  You are almost certainly guaranteed that the people who live there take nice care of their possessions;
  2. Stop at yard sales that have at least another buyer or two already browsing.  If there are no cars parked on the side of the road, it's probably because there's nothing worth stopping for; 
  3. Pick out yard sales by browsing through the Cape Cod Times or Craigslist.  People who take the time to place an ad show that they are serious about having a good yard sale and not just throwing their old crap out on the lawn; and
  4. Don't be afraid to haggle.  Some sellers aren't very good at pricing their wares, especially when they want to recoup some cash for an expensive prior purchase.  You don't sell high ticket items at yard sales for a reason; no one walks around with $200 cash in their pockets these days.

I find that I am more successful when I follow the above mentioned tips.  Here are some items on found on my most recent Saturday adventure:

Fanning Graphics print of a couple bathing together in a tub, $4

Kate Spade knockoff handbag, $4

Baby Einstein Volumes 1 and 2, $20 (reduced from $30).  
Retails for $50 EACH

5 assorted baby outfits from GAP and Carter's, $2/piece.