Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Treasures

Here are some of my more recent finds; the selection has been great lately!  

Motherhood Maternity flowered dress, Repeat After Me in Orleans

Flowered Tank, Thrift Store in Yarmouthport
Peach Button Up Cardigan, Goodwill Hyannis
White Skirt, Hand me down


Metallic Sandals, Goodwill Hyannis

Wet Seal Black Culottes, Goodwill Hyannis

Red and Blue Top, Goodwill Hyannis

Blazer, Goodwill Hyannis

Mimi Maternity Dress, Goodwill Hyannis

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Thrifter's Guide to Books

I love those houses with built in bookshelves; hundreds of books in all colors and sizes lining the walls. I feel at home in those types of homes, because I know that a fellow booklover lives there. I have no preference to what I read, from college textbooks to trashy romance novels. When it comes to topics, my only stipulation is that the writer engages me. Generally I will read the first page and a page in the middle of the book; some authors can take pages (or chapters) to catch my interest, so I like to read an excerpt from another part of the book to see if the author’s writing style suits me.

Based on my love of literature, I decided to compile The Thrifter’s Guide to Books. Essentially it’s a list of places where one can find free or very cheap reads.

  1. The Treasure Chest at the Harwich Dump (my Dad swears by this place; he goes once a week and there are always new books to rummage though);
  2. The foyers of most town libraries (look for racks or bookcases with a 'free' sign);
  3. The free section of any Craigslist (just do a search for books); and
  4. Freecycle.com.
  1. Thrift Stores (some, like the Corner Thrift Shop in Harwich Center, even sell very old, collectible books):
  2. Yard Sales (the books pictured in this post only cost $1 for all four!); and
  3. Half.com.
I would love to hear from readers about other book stores they enjoy!