Friday, April 3, 2009

Cape Cod Times Interview

My Venus de Milo has been collecting dust and would probably continue to do so had I not received an email from the Cape Cod Times asking if I'd like to do an interview about my favorite thrift stores. How could any self-respecting Aquarian woman refuse such an offer!?! So of course I obliged. But in the meantime, I am feeling a little guilty about my lack of thrift blogging. As of late, I have been sucked in by the black vortex that is ebay and have developed a penchant for selling crap online. Couple that with more grad school classes and I don't have much time for thrifting or blogging. But the whining will cease there. 

I have done some thrift shopping over the winter, so now I will entertain you with some photos of my purchases. On another note, my sister and I had a day of thrifting a few Saturdays ago and I could not find a thing! My primary reasoning is that the recession has spurred a renewed interest in shopping at thrift stores, so I am now competing with the general population as opposed to the bygone days when my only challengers were purple haired old women who weren't interested in a size 6. Quel dommage!

Steve Madden shoes from the Hope Chest in Orleans. They were like new when I bought them (and I have since reneged by comments about buying used shoes).

T-shirt from Chatham thrift store, $1. Black straight leg Levi jeans from the Hope Chest.

White blouse from the Fishermen's House Thrift Shop in Yarmouth. Black and white shirt from the Hope Chest.

Black Express brand top and black/white flowered skirt from ebay. Under $3 a piece when purchased as part of a lot.

Uniqlo trench coat brand new with tags originally $99.50, bought for $28 at Orleans Community Exchange and Thrift.

Luggage with wheels by Smuggler for $8 at Joan of Arc Thrift in Orleans.