Sunday, December 28, 2008

My new ebay venture

Hurray! I finally sold something on ebay!  Some of the clothes that I recently purchased on the aforementioned site did not fit, so I resold them along with some of my thrift store finds.  I've realized that I have a low retention rate for my clothes; if I, hypothetically, were an employer and my clothes were employees, my employee turnover rate would be about 75%.  There are very few pieces in my wardrobe that are more than a year old.  I just get bored easily.   

Here are some of the clothes that I sold in my first auction:

Pink Talbot's shirt is from the Goodwill in Hyannis

White Old Navy turtleneck is from Orleans Community Exchange
H&M skirt is from Orleans EMS Thrift

Style & Co peasant top and skirt bought on ebay

J Crew blazer from Goodwill in Hyannis
Ideology top from ebay
Skirt from Fishermen's House

Bandolino Blazer and Ideology camisole from ebay

So I won't make any money off my first sale, but it's exciting to have actually sold something.  As I get better at selling, I should start making a profit.  Or so I hope.  If you want to check out my auctions, here's my page

Friday, December 12, 2008

A much overdue update

I am a bad, bad blogger.  I haven't posted in well over 3 months.  I also haven't been very thrifty...that TJ Maxx is just so darn appealing.  Part of my excuse is that I was furthering my education by taking MBA classes on Saturdays.  Even so, I have managed to squeeze a few visits in here and there, so I will dust off my headless mannequin and post some of my finds.  

I did visit one new thrift store a few months back, the Friends of the Eastham Council on Aging Thrift on Massasoit Road in North Eastham (what a mouthful!).  I bought an Abercrombie & Fitch polo v-neck and a pair of cords.  The A&F shirt was a large (which in real person sizes is more like a small) but it was too short so I haven't worn it.  I have gotten some mileage out of the pants...they are great for running errands on the weekends.  If my memory serves me correctly, I paid less than $5 for both.  The store is pretty neat itself and worth the visit even if you don't end up buying anything.  

I've also been making the rounds to some of my favorite haunts such as the Hospice Thrift in Barnstable and the Orleans Community Exchange.  I bought a striped wool sweater from Express at the latter, but I've spent more dry cleaning it than I paid for it.  I have the sweater and the corduroys on in the picture, so you can get the general idea of how stylish they are :) 
In other news, I have become absolutely hooked on ebay.  For $29.99 plus S&H, I bought a 'lot' of 11 pieces including brand name  shirts, sweaters and skirts.  And my biggest bargain, for only $4.99, was a lot of Ideology clothes (skirt, shirts, capris and a suit jacket).  They are set to arrive sometime next week, so I will let you know if the quality was worth the price.  Viva thrift shopping online!