Thursday, September 4, 2008

Like a Bull in a China Shop

**Caveat Emptor** Hopefully I'll save some poor schmuck like myself the awkward situation he would find himself in upon entering the Cape Cod Cancer Exchange on Route 6A in Yarmouth Port.  This is NOT a thrift store!!  If you look closely at their sign out front, it says "Antiques & Collectibles" and indeed, it really is a one room antique shop.  

I've always wanted to stop by because the little store had piqued my curiosity, but alas it was never open.  Well it was the other day, so I had to indulge myself and go in.  I should have recognized the old woman in the mercedes with the oil in canvas clutched between her wrinkled fingers as a portend of things to come, but I was too drunk with anticipation to notice.  

The volunteer gave me little notice so I took a quick walk around the perimeter of the store pretending to be interested in the $200 paintings and $50 statues and then I hightailed it out of there.   

The only thing of interest I learned is that all proceeds from the shop benefit the Radiation Therapy Department at the Cape Cod Hospital.  So if you've got some money to spend, want to help out a good cause  and like antiques, this is the store for you!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A.I.M. Your Sights High in Wellfleet

As promised, I am back on the trail and enjoying the hunt now that summer--as we know it on Cape Cod--is over.  One downside to the other side of Labor Day is that shops are already back to their fall/winter hours, so I missed out on one shop in Eastham; but no worries, I'll hit it up later in the week.

Today I went to the A.I.M Thrift Shop in Wellfleet and I was quite impressed with this quaint little shop.  It's not a big store but they have made good use of the small space.  The best thing I liked about the store was the quality of the clothing.  Most of the clothes were in great quality condition and I recognized many of the labels, as opposed to the average thrift store that carries defunct labels from the fashion nightmare that was the 80s.  

There are 3 long racks of women's clothes and 2 cubby-filled shelves of more neatly folded women's clothes.  They also had a rack of plus size women's clothing.  Needless to say, I did not find anything, but it was fun to browse through the racks.

The men's and children's clothing were in a room adjacent to the main shop and there wasn't much of substance in either department.  I did, however, buy a BNWT pair of men's American Exchange jeans for hubby for only $6.  Granted, some Google searching proved that the jeans only sell for about $12 online but based on the prices hubby usually pays ($50+) I have to say this was an excellent deal.

The rest of the store contained your average thrift store fodder.  They had an impressive amount of bedskirts and comforter sets that looked pretty decent.  One thing that amused me was the giant collection of cassette tapes with the sign '$1 a piece.'  Come now thrift volunteers, who in their right mind would pay $1 for a 'Toad the Wet Sprocket' cassette?!!? They should pay someone to get rid of that crap!

Other points of interest include a wall of books with such favorites as back issues of Martha Stewart Living at the great bargain price of $0.50 a pop (is the sarcasm oozing from your screen yet?).  They also had some notable bric-a-brac including WWII memorabilia that one volunteer was lamenting, "quel dommage!"  because it had ended up in a thrift store.

But it truly is a nice shop so if you're in the area, make sure to AIM over to Main Street in the lovely town of Wellfleet.