Thursday, May 15, 2008

Are You a Consigning Woman?

Several of my clothes have come from Consigning Women in Harwich, but I've been hesitant to write about them because they contradict my mission statement.

This store, generally speaking is not cheap. My first purchase was a suit by Kenar with a $49 price tag; my only justification was the fact that it would have sold at Marshall's for $100. Granted, they do have designer clothes that are in great condition, but their prices are much higher than any other Cape consignment shop.  

The skirt in the picture below is part of the suit, the original jacket was orange corduroy but I no longer wear it.  Also pictured is a brown Limited jacket ($2.50, Our Lady of the Cape Thrift) and an off-white shirt ($19.99, Ann Taylor).  

As an incentive, Consigning Women does offer "Comeback Buks" which equate to a $0.50 coupon for every $10 you spend. Yet Tots to Teens Fashion Exchange, the consignment store I recently blogged about, also offers Comeback Buks, but they offer a $1.00 coupon for every $10 spent.

At any rate, if you like Talbots, Ann Taylor, J Jill or Banana Republic, then you will love Consigning Women. And if the clothes stay on the rack for more than a few weeks, they will start taking discounts off the original price. Consigning Women also has a really great selection of shoes (mostly new) and designer purses.

The skirt is from Ann Taylor ($13 [after $2 comeback buks], Consigning Women), the blouse is from Fisherman's House Thrift and the jacket is from Old Navy (United Methodist Thrift).

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